Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy birthday Reiko!

This weekend was not less fun than the previous one. I was invited to lunch by my classmates to a running sushi restaurant. This was my first encounter with the traditional Japanese cuisine and I have to say it was delicious. It was proven once again that there are really few foods that I cannot consider edible. The one mistake I made was eating the wasabi the way I eat it back at home. The stuff you can by at home has a sweet spicy taste which, compared to original thing, is largely misleading. After tasting the stuff it took a few moments to regain my consciousness. It might have been slightly longer than that, as my classmates started ask questions like 'Are you all right?'. Anyway the food was great and considerably cheap compared to most places around.

After the lunch we went to the AEON Mall to do some shopping. The boys and girls split up and headed towards different directions. After buying the books we came for we had to wait for the girls. What do you do in Japan when you have an indeterminate amount of free time? Let's go and play! It turned out that my classmate is also into such places, which was immediately demonstrated by spending approx 4000円. After meeting with the girls again we went to nice tea shop to have some macha. This is a kind of tea that is served in many ways: sweat, sour, hot, cold and everything you can image. This was also the place where we greeted Reiko, for this Saturday was her birthday.

To improve my reading skills, which I assume to be the weakest point for the upcoming exam, I bought a manga. Although I tried reading manga before it was not long before I realized it was way too difficult for my skills at the time. Although things have changed, it may very well turn out, that I simply do not like reading manga. My decision fell upon ~Holic, for it's anime seemed fairly interesting - thanks for the preview Ranger. I started reading right after getting back to the dormitory and it still looks a great idea.

This week, I spent most of my spare time with looking for a phone. In the end, my efforts were honored with success. After checking all major providers in Japan, I finally found one that had some decent offers, at least with the foreigner's eye. AU was actually selling out last year's models for free if you sign a two year contract. The phones themselves are no match for this year's new shiny phones. I mention some oldie-but-goldie feature just so know if you happen not to be able to read the official specs:  800x484 TFT, build in terrestrial TV tuner, 7.2MBps data transfer, 8MPixel CCD camera with flash light,  GPS, Bluetooth, Infrared, full internet browser, built in dictionary, 750MB RAM and many more. Taking a look at these specs renders the Andriod phones or the iPhone to nothing but expensive toys in my eyes.

Last but not least, I had a nice walk to the Okazaki park which resulted in some photos that you can check out in Picasa.

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