Friday, October 16, 2009

The land of PS3

Almost a week passed since my last post. My life is getting busy, as you may have guessed already. I have regular classes and I returned to duty on the other side of the world thanks to the so brilliant capabilities of the internet. Luckily, extra classes only begin the next week, so I can have a deep breath this weekend before engaging full throttle.

Many people suggested that I change classes because class G seems somewhat low level for my skills. They are certainly right, even I realize that. However, I prefer to have a little spare time for my coming exam and I am not sure how I can handle the pressure, so I decided not to rush just yet. I also found out, that many of my classmates have already succeeded or are going to try the same exam as me, thus I do not have second thoughts. My enthusiasm may fade by time, but luckily I am staying here for more than one term.

One morning, eating my breakfast half awake, I was invited to a trip for the weekend. Coming to Japan I promised myself that I would not visit any places before having bought a camera so the time was nigh. Even though this is supposed to be the countryside it is very difficult not to find what you are looking for in 10 minutes walk. I already knew at least 3 places that popped into my way while exploring the food stores, but actually looking for something is way different. I found a decent camera shop right on my way to the school. After checking the prices on the internet I had to realize that it is not simply cheap, but offers almost invaluable goods for sale. This is how I became the owner of a Pentax Optio E80 for 12300 JPY. For an additional 2300 JPY I also got a 2GB memory card and a case. The price also included 20 photos prints a photo album and a portrait photo print for free. I never experienced similar service anywhere on the globe. Really! The guy standing at the counter even slipped a set of batteries to may bag. Most unexpected, if you ask me. Nevertheless, we are talking about the land of the used Slim PS3, which debuted only a few weeks ago, and is not available anywhere else but here you can buy it second hand already. For the finale here is a picture of my camera's case and my futon as promised:

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