Thursday, November 5, 2009

One busy week

This weekend did not have any adventures for me. It seems that I am starting to settle down in my life in Japan. I already have most of the things I need to get by: bank account, mobile phone, work permit and some local knowledge so when I need something I know where to go. The only thing left, is to learn as much Japanese as I possibly can. From now on I will concentrate my efforts to the  preparation for exam of my choice.

The exam is going to take place on December 6. Having slightly more than a moth of time I thought it was necessary to rearrange my timetable. I bought two nice handbooks that will hopefully guide my me through the most problematic parts. The first one contains assessments to measure progress while the second one was picked according to the preliminary results of first. At least now I know that the probability of success is not zero after all. The avatar of the paragraph says: 'to read' which is my weakest skill as of now. I have fairly good listening and speaking skills, but as only listening is present in the test I can only use that one to bias the final outcome.

Do you remember Reiko, who had birthday the week before? After seeing that others were taking pictures as well, I decided to take part in the action instead of the commentary. Luckily, I got hold of the pictures. Many thanks to Pekki! After some struggle with the upload service, it is finally available in Picasa. See for yourself:

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