Thursday, October 8, 2009


One of my friends just wrote me a mail about the only thing he managed to miss in Japan, namely the typhoon. If you consider him lucky than I was not lucky enough. Yesterday dawn, a class 2 typhoon just passed over our heads. School was canceled and we were warned to buy some extra snacks in case there is some serious trouble and the shops can't open the following day.

Storm come and gone. Although it was supposed to be frightening I woke up only once during the whole night for about a few minutes and fell asleep right away. Some students said it was like the dormitory was about to roll onto its side. Maybe I had woken up more than once, if that had happened :) What I realized from the whole fact is that there was no electricity for a half day including internet and that people around the dormitory seemed more busy than usually cleaning up the mess the storm had caused.

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