Saturday, November 14, 2009

The miso factory

After waking up at half past nine without any special reason I decided I need to take a rest so I joined the group going to the 八丁味噌 miso factory. It was great decision I have to tell. I took some pictures so that you can see how the miso is made here on Okazaki.

My chair at the dormitory was not very comfy, I really wanted to get a new one. After yesterday's meeting I headed straight to the shop but as the meeting took longer than expected, the furniture shop was already closed by the time I got there. I had more luck today so now I have a new chair.

Apart from watching the latest Stargate Universe episode the only thing planned for today is drinking the sake I bought. I am not familiar with the different kinds of sake so I asked one of my teachers to help me out. I was suggested to by 大吟醸 sake which is supposedly drinkable without heating. I can't wait to open the bottle. The label on the box says: 'A bit above the high', thanks for the translation Sho!

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