Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer term begins

Today is Friday, the first day of the summer term in the B class. The day was rather eventful in comparison to the summer break. Mostly because it was school. Many faces long time now see. It was a really pleasant feeling to greet everyone as usual.

This time new class does not mean new people. It is only the 6 of us who stayed for this term from the previous class. The gender ratio is 5 vs 1 with having only one girl. She will have to withstand us - the all famous '下品島' (island of gross people). Poor Keishin...

Yesterday Gioki called me, because I did not show any life signs after taking the JLPT - and she was correct indeed. The only feeling left of it now is that it could have been better. I have more confidence about the answers this time, but whether it is enough to actually pass or not will only be disclosed at the beginning of September.

Finally, I also got a package today from home for it was my Name day last week (a European thing). Thank you Mom!

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