Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year

Dear friends, the past few weeks were not quite as memorable and much more stressful than expected. I am not very proud of it but I guess there are times like this in everyone's life. Anyway, I am happy to be over it.

This semester I started to take cooking classes to get a better understanding of the Japanese cuisine. I might not become a Japanese chef in the upcoming 4 lessons but at least I get to hang out with fun people and try various Japanese food that we make together.
The best thing around - as the title suggests - was the Chinese New Year. I went to a new year party arranged by my Taiwanese classmates. I had the opportunity to try Taiwanese and Tai cuisine and I have to say I both were marvelous! After the dinner we were playing the new Wii Mario game thanks to Seki. At least now I understand why is it so popular.

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