Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Colorful Happy New Year!

New year postcard sent to Isayama sensei
Vercy|ÜD, pencil, original design by .Farbrausch

The first semester has ended meaning that some of my friends are leaving Yamasa. Departures are always sad, though we tried to make them as cheerful as we could. The left picture is of the G class. The right picture is the gang I used to hang out with most of the time. I already miss you all!

Thanks to Yui (right picture, first row, first girl on the right) I was introduced to the Takada family that she visited during her Japanese home visit. I am really grateful for this. I think they are what we call good people.

Lately I was busy with installing the components that I bought myself as a Christmas present. I set my network wireless once again. If there was a statistics for "How many network routers do you buy a year?" I think I would finish at a fairly good position. The only difference for now is that it I am running on 302.11n (300MBps WIFI) because that was the cheapest! Yeah I know ... this is Japan.

I hacked a reading lamp for my top bunk so that I do not annoy my roommate if I happen to read till late. Not like it is a realistic situation that I go to bed later than him. He usually goes to bed well after 2 AM ;) The thing is that my territory begins to resemble the typical Vercy-ish look: lots of wires everywhere.

I received a lot of complaints about my voice and video quality in Skype. This was the courtesy of the built-in camera and mic of my new laptop. I am happy to inform you that I moved to the next level with a 3MP camera and a decent mic. So now it is really up to your bandwidth :P

At the moment I am spending the winter break which is 3 weeks at Yamasa. The dormitory is very quite providing a perfect chance for improving my skills undisturbed. Having the WIFI and the bunk lamp installed I can really focus on learning. Let's hope my enthusiasm won't fade before the end of the break...

... and again. Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. So, what's Christmas like over there? I mean, aside from the dancing, rapping Christmas trees :)

  2. It is nothing like the western Christmas. More like a valentine day sort of event. Plus the Japanese eat cake as the 'traditional' desert on Christmas Eve. I actually saw that on video on TV :D